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Plan B Pill Manila Morning After Pill Manila Emergency Contraceptive Manila This pill can be taken within 120 hours ( 5 days) of unprotected s.e.x or birth control fail.

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It started out when i had unprotected sex with my “ex-boyfriend”, now my husband. I got so scared and dont know what do, if i should take a birth control pills or go to my OB. It was 2012, so i never heard about Plan B or Morning after Pill. After hours of scouring the internet, frustration and eventually panic sink in. I was desperate and scared. I was about to lose hope and accept the possibility of being a mother; when luckily, my boyfriend gave me a medicine and asked me to drink it. He said, its from vietnam and every young girls or woman whos not ready to be a mother yet drink it. And i am saved! It dawned on me that in this day and age, Women in the Philippines have very limited choice and still so archaic with their personal health care options.

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Women should have the option to do what they want with their body. In a statement on Sunday (Feb 2021), PopCom cited the latest data from the Philippine Statistics Authority which revealed that Filipino minors who gave birth in 2019 increased to 62,510 from 62,341 in 2018. This is the ninth consecutive year that the country has reported a rise in teenage pregnancies, PopCom warned. Ref. CNN Phil

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